About Me

My name is Johan Mir (you can call me Johan).

I really like watching some car races on TV. They are very exciting especially when there is an incident. From that case, I often dreamed of making a few writings about cars.

Unfortunately, that did not happen quickly. My writing activities are always hindered by time and unexpected things (lectures, part-time work and other things). Many homeworks must be done at that time. I can only bury that wish in my mind.

Thanks to our latest technology. Now I can play when I am working. Do you know what I’m playing with? Racing games!

There are quite a lot of racing games that are quite interesting. Oh yeah, it’s not just about racing, but I also play various racing manager games. Yes, the game is about managing our players, to the company’s income / outcome. You know? These games spend a lot of my day’s time. But not the slightest regret in my mind.

The more time there is, finally I can make writing about the game. Which finally led to this website. Hopefully with this website, I can pour out my racing heart in childhood with writings that are meaningful and entertaining among racing gamers. VIVA X-Teamracing!