Sony Delayed Gran Turismo 7 to 2022

2021 is indeed a year of transition for a new console, and this is not an easy thing. This is of course the result of a pandemic that never ends. Forcing many developers to adapt to the work at home system, in the end, they inevitably have to postpone their work for several months.

Some of the big games that were originally planned for release in 2021 also ended up having to be postponed to an undetermined date and month. In fact, some of them have also scheduled it until 2022 although it will not necessarily be released at the same time.

So, what games have been postponed in 2021? Here are 5 games that have been postponed in 2021.

5. Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is the sequel to its first iteration with more heroes and of course what fans are asking for is stories. Blizzard plans the two to become one game and will make the first iteration free when the game is released. In other words, players must buy Overwatch 2 and don’t need to buy the previous series.

Overwatch 2 was originally planned to be released in 2021 but they have postponed it with 2022 marking the release year. It cannot be denied that the current pandemic situation has delayed its development.

4. Hit: Bridge of Spirits

Being the first debut of Ember Lab, an animation studio that used to make world-renowned brand advertisements as a video game developer, certainly couldn’t make Kena: Bridge of Spirits a playful project. This is because everything Ember Lab has staked is on the project. Therefore, it is natural that the game will end up being postponed.

Previously, Ember Lab and Sony planned to release Kena: Bridge of Spirits in early 2021 or spring 2021. But in the end they postponed it until August 2021. To be exact, August 24 on PC and PS5.

3. Gran Turismo 7

One of the PlayStation 5 exclusive racing games, Gran Turismo 7 was originally planned for release in 2021. But in the end, Sony actually postponed the game until 2022. It is not clear what the game details are at all other than taking some elements from the second iteration and Sports. The rest? Not yet.

2. Diablo IV

Blizzard’s ambition in developing a new iteration of Diablo made them have to postpone the arrival of Diablo IV. Even though it has become their trademark to postpone the game because of the quality assurance. However, fans’ hatred for the mobile version and the failure of Warcraft III: Reforged made them place their expectations very low on Blizzard.

The good news is, after BlizzConline 2021 yesterday, the fans’ response was quite positive. Especially after Blizzard explains in detail how the world of Diablo IV is dark with a story and better mechanics. Blizzard is no longer installing Diablo IV for release in 2021 but with no release date at all.

1. Riders Republic

Riders Republic is planned to be an extreme sports game with players equal in number to Battlefield. Player can ride BMX, Snowboard, and others. But who would have thought that Ubisoft, which plans to release it in early January 2021, finally had to postpone it until an unclear date.

Those are the 5 games that have been postponed in 2021? Is there a game that you anticipate coming this year from the list above? Or maybe your target isn’t on the list? As always, list everything via the comments below.

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Sony Delayed Gran Turismo 7 to 2022

2021 is indeed a year of transition for a new console, and this is not an easy thing. This is of course...

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