EA Postpone Need for Speed Until 2022

2021 is supposed to be an interesting year for gamers who love EA products. There’s a chance to relive a fantastic space adventure via Mass Effect: Legendary Edition as well as cooperative multiplayer via It Takes Two. EA also ensures that 2021 will also be the year of the return of at least two of their giant franchises that are now ready to take advantage of the latest generation platforms. But unfortunately, one of them had to end up being postponed. That’s right, you won’t be enjoying this year’s newest Need for Speed.

EA has decided to kick the release of the latest Need for Speed ​​series, whose official title hasn’t even surfaced, into 2022. The developer – Criterion Games is now being asked by EA to help DICE complete Battlefield 6 which is still trying to follow the initial release schedule, in 2021. Chief Studios EA – Laura Miele insists that this does not indicate the Need for Speed ​​franchise is in trouble or that Criterion is no longer responsible for it.

Meanwhile, Miele also ensures that EA will at least throw one racing game this year via the Codemasters flag, which they have just acquired. Unfortunately, EA doesn’t share more details about the titles or themes that the latest Need for Speed ​​or Battlefield series will offer.

How about you? How many of you are disappointed with this news?

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EA Postpone Need for Speed Until 2022

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