Codemaster Officially Acquired by EA

True lovers of racing games should be familiar with the name Codemasters. The British developer has been active for more than three decades, and during that time they have produced popular racing game franchises such as DiRT, GRID, and F1, plus Project CARS via the acquisition in 2019.

EA announced that they had completed the acquisition of Codemasters. They first revealed their plans to buy Codemasters in December 2020. EA explained, the acquisition of Codemasters is part of their strategy to grow the company.

For those of you who follow the development of Codemasters, you might be surprised to hear this news, because in November there was a rumor that Codemasters would be bought by Take-Two Interactive. Why did Codemasters finally choose EA over Take-Two? Simple, because EA’s offering is much bigger – $ 1.2 billion compared to Take-Two’s offer of around $ 870 million.

The presence of Codemasters and all of its intellectual property (IP) will certainly further strengthen EA’s position in the racing game category. However, strong still does not mean monopoly, because EA still has to deal with two other strong racing game franchises, namely Forza Motorsport on the Xbox and PC platforms, and Gran Turismo on the PlayStation.

At the same time, this news may also make some loyal fans of the DiRT and F1 series worry about the future of their favorite racing game. Some of them may think that the DiRT and F1 series in the future will be “tainted” with excessive microtransaction, and if you look at EA’s history so far, such concerns are arguably quite reasonable.

From a positive perspective, this acquisition can also mean that racing game fans in the future don’t have to pay a fortune to be able to enjoy almost all of their favorite series, because it is certain that the DiRT, F1, GRID and Project CARS series will be added to the EA Play subscription service catalog. If necessary, consumers can instead subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass which includes EA Play, and there they will also get access to the Forza Motorsport series at once.

With this acquisition, EA hopes that they will be able to make games for more platforms. They also hope that they will be able to reach more gamers and in the end, increase the company’s revenue, reports The Esports Observer.

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