Experience the World of Formula One by F1 2020

Soon, the world’s most prestigious racing game series will be released. F1 2020 is the latest work done by game developer studio Codemasters. The long awaited game will feature the car series in the latest season as well as some additional features that have never been seen before.

As the info stated on the Formula 1 Game page, the F1 2020 game will officially be released on July 10, 2020. However, for those of you who can’t wait to be able to drive the ‘land jet’ on the track, you can purchase the deluxe edition and get the early access. In the deluxe edition release, F1 2020 will feature Michael Schumacher as an F1 legend along with his classic car who won 7 world championships.

With the Virtual Grand Prix event, Codemasters as a developer can get input from real Formula 1 professional racers and improve the performance of cars in the game. Especially for the gas pedal and brake pedal mechanics, Codemasters has provided adjustments in the latest F1 2020 series.

Simultaneously, the F1 2020 game will be released to the current gen platforms, including: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. Even so, F1 2020 is also rumored to be able to be played on next gen consoles. Unfortunately, there is no explanation yet that the F1 2020 game will be compatible with cross-play.

In accordance with the circuit list in the 2020 Formula 1 season, there will be 2 new circuits, namely the Hanoi Street Circuit in Vietnam and the Netherlands Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands. In addition to the Sepang Circuit and Marina Bay Street Circuit, the Hanoi Street Circuit puts the Southeast Asia region on the prestigious Formula 1 racing map.

More about F1 2020, besides Career mode, My Team mode is the main attraction of the latest F1 game series. In this mode you will play the role of managing a Formula 1 team from scratch. As the game progresses, at the same time you can feel almost all the details of managing a Formula 1 team. Recruiting racers, engine selection, car prototypes, dealing with sponsors, and many more are just some of the things you will encounter.

It doesn’t stop there, in the F1 2020 game series you also manage drivers by paying attention to their stat points. The stat points system has never existed in previous F1 game series. Later drivers will also experience a retiretment process at the end of the season. As time goes by and game progress, you will have the opportunity to witness the promotion of the new generation of racers from F2 to F1.

In closing, the split screen multiplayer feature was revived in the F1 2020 game series. The split screen feature seemed to invite gamers to reminisce about the games played together on one screen and is perfect for casual gamers.

F1 2020 Give Free Trial

The F1 2020 game gives gamers the opportunity to do a free trial alias free trial of the game on PS4 and Xbox One before buying it. This trial show off multiple modes, game tracks, and allows players to test the game’s splitscreen options.

The splitscreen mode allows players to compete with friends, in order to make the game even more exciting. Players can also try the new “casual” game mode here, which makes steering easier and less penalties for wrong cornering or off-track driving. This mode is intended for novice players who have difficulty playing simulation games like this.

Players can also try My Team Mode. In this mode, players can choose teammates to complete racing missions in the various seasons available. However, this free trial is not equipped with a career mode, and players cannot play online racing mode either.

The F1 2020 game in full will feature 22 circuits from F1 2020’s original schedule, although in the real world many of these races will not take place this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. This game will provide real experience for players, that they will feel how F1 2020 should be held this year.

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