NFS Rivals Review

From the title it has been discovered that “Rival” is the meaning of the word “opponent or rival” in a match, and in NFS: Rival this time is a match between the wild and police, at the beginning of the game we can choose to start as a Racer or Cop, and both have cars of different types and functions. Racer has speed in a speed race, but the car is risky to be damaged in contrast to the police who are a little slow at first but have a strong engine body. The idea of ​​this game is quite simple, namely the chase, the Racer must reach the finish line and the Police must fail him. What side your choose? I started out as a Racer.

The map circuit provided is not too big, but quite complete, there are arenas of forests, deserts, icebergs, coasts, cities and others, the effects given are also quite good, such as wet car bodies, rain, leaves, water splash, light bias and of course the weather and time are changing dynamically. Each match takes 2-5 minutes and the longest is around 20 minutes so it’s not too long, each Racer or Cop has missions that we can complete to get money or SP, from that money we can use to upgrade. our car. However, the costum from NFS: This rival is not too much, only body paint, tire stickers and wheels, as well as engine and technology upgrades.

Indeed, there is not much that can be said from this game, but in terms of graphics NSF: Rival already represents the next-gen game, people who like to race at high speed on various track tracks will love playing this game. The NOS and Turbo systems can be used to make high jumps, and if you hit a wall or barrier, the car’s body will break and scatter.

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NFS Rivals Review

From the title it has been discovered that "Rival" is the meaning of the word "opponent or...

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