In Self-Quarantine? These 10 Racing Games Will Entertain You

This time, some countries may have implemented or are currently implementing Social Distancing, so this time we have a list of 10 racing games that are suitable to accompany your quarantine period, and of course these 10 racing games have quite a long playing time, so you can enjoy the game. one by one and also so as not to get too saturated.

1. The Crew 2

The Crew 2 can be a game that is suitable for you to play because it has a long playing time, and of course in the Crew game, apart from being offered to race with your car, you will also be presented with other types of vehicles, such as MotoCross, then Aircraft, and Jetski. In addition, you will also be presented with a very large map, namely One United States that you can explore, such as coming to Las Vegas, then trying to race on the track which was quite famous in its time, namely Mazda Laguna Seca, and also a trip to the Golden Bridge there. francisco.

2.Forza Horizon 4

Is one of the most popular racing games for PC and Xbox players, which is located in an area of ​​Scotland, Forza Horizon 4 is no less unique than The Crew 2, given very beautiful graphics and details, you can spend a lot of time on This racing game with various activities such as playing with your friends, then racing with a very beautiful view and also modifying the car as you like.

3. Gran Turismo Sport

For those of you who love racing on an official track like Fuji Speedway, or exploring a fierce track like the nurburgring nordschleife, this game is suitable for fans of racing games full of official tracks, but the Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport is only available on PS 4. Apart from the official track, GT Sport is still providing the latest car updates, such as the Mazda RX Vision Gt3. But behind the beauty of a track and a collection of beautiful cars, Gt sport does not have modification features on the car body such as changing the front bumper or other parts with other Aftermarket parts.

4. Need For Speed ​​Heat

This time the game from Ea has returned with a satisfactory level because unlike the previous series, Payback, when the game was changed to a game full of “Gacha” on upgrades for performance, this time Ea has changed the “Gacha” feature to the one better, namely by means of grinding for money like the Need For Speed ​​series that we know in the PS2 era, apart from that feature, NFS Heat also has a feature that is no less unique than other games, namely we can change the sound of our car exhaust from the sound which is very loud becomes frightening, besides that you are also presented with the many Aftermarket bodykits that have been provided such as Rocket Bunny, LB Works, then Vertex, and Garage mak and others. This racing game is also suitable for those of you who like strange and unique Mods. However the NFS Heat has a fairly short story, but it is replaced by the size of the map in the game as well as the races that are available at night and during the day.

5. WRC 8

For those of you who don’t like racing on asphalt roads, or you prefer racing on dirt roads or on snow roads, this game is for you because WRC 8 offers official tracks such as Rally Argentina, then Rally Sweden, Rally Monte Carlo and others. – other. Apart from the official rally tracks, you are also presented with famous rally racers such as Ott Tanak, then Sebastien Ogier, Sebastien Loeb and others. Apart from the uniqueness above, you can spend your time with career modes, such as the “Become a Legend” mode on Pes where you will occupy the lowest rally class then the longer you will increase in popularity and also in the end you are offered to be a WRC class racer.

6. Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted (2005)

We return to 2005 where this racing game became one of the racing games that you must play during the Ps 2 rental period at that time, this time this game can be an option to accompany your quarantine period as well as reminisce again, because of the many missions or Blacklist (Boss) that you have to beat, and of course remembering the iconic car that became one of the icons of Need For Speed ​​in its time, the BMW M3 GTR (E46).

7. Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix

One of the racing games ever made by Rockstar Games, which at the time of the PS 2 era, was one of the games that must be played too, because of the Open world and also the long playing time, so this game is suitable for you to play during quarantine. but if you want to play this game on your favorite PC, you are required to use the ps 2 emulator, because this game was not released for PC. One of the uniqueness of this game is that you will race in 4 different places, namely in San Diego, then Atlanta and finally in Detroit, but for the Dub Edition version (almost similar to the DLC) you will be presented with one more city, namely in Tokyo. And one of the unique elements of this game is the absence of a barrier in the race, in the sense that you have to find a suitable path for you to reach the finish line.

8. Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is one of the games that you must play during the quarantine period, because Assetto Corsa is one of the best racing games because of the physics of the car, and also the realistic level is very high, and also the details for tuning the car that is suitable for a track. not to mention the sound effect of the cars from this game which is almost similar to the sound in the real world. Not to mention the full community on Steam which provides unique mods like the custom Hud on the Gran Turismo, Hud on Innitial D6 (arcade game) and so on.

9. Grid 2019

This game from Codemasters can also be one of the game choices that accompany you during quarantine, because this game you are presented with many races that can take your time, with several racing themes such as, Touring, then Stock, Tuner, GT, and Invitational. . Each theme also has more than 10 events, each of which also has several races, for example, in an event you will be presented with 2 or more races. So this game is perfect to accompany your quarantine period.

10. Wreckfest

This Wreckfest game will be very suitable for bidders if you are already stressed or bored because you lost to other racing games, or to get rid of fatigue during the quarantine period as well because, the Wreckfest game offers a racing game that is very different from the others, namely you can race or play the demolition derby mode where, you defend or attack the enemy by crashing your car until the enemy car is destroyed, or you can run around a track in the demolition derby until it becomes number 1. Apart from being different from the others, Wreckfest also has a realistic level on The destruction of the car that can be thumbs up due to damage to the car is also very visible dents from the car after being hit, hit, or due to overturning.

So, those are 10 racing games that are suitable to be played to accompany your quarantine period, is any of the list your favorite racing game? Please write in the comments column.

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