A Glimpse of Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 appears as a racing game that does not make the story the focus. There is no campaign mode, no character with a Hollywood storyline that you have to follow, and there is no emotional story that you have to live with. You only act as a racer with an ambition to be the best in the world, which makes him have to go through various racing classes at each level, of course, giving him access to faster cars and difficult tracks in other parts of the world. Project CARS 3 comes as a straightforward racing game.

Most gamers who had tasted the first Project CARS series would still remember how the game’s existence made PC gamers amazed, especially in terms of visualization. At the time of his birth, the details he offered via the car variant and also the dramatic sper rain effect that was carried made it a challenge for the rig at that time. Unfortunately, this attraction must be admittedly decreased a little in the third series that we tried via the Playstation 4 Pro. It comes with presentation quality, especially from the visual side, which is below standard even when we tried it in the resolution priority option though. Something that you can easily recognize in the variety of screenshots that we carry here.

The main problem doesn’t just stem from some of the technical problems you are still experiencing. From light reflections that now turn into mere white artifacts, full visualization of jaggies that sometimes sharpen or end up blurry when you enter a certain location, to cosmetic customization options that for no apparent reason refuse to be installed or come with the wrong color choices on some tracks. We also talk about the quality of some tracks, which have backgrounds with super bad details – reminiscent of the games in the Playstation 2 era. One of them we present via screenshots in this session, where you can see that the concept of “grassland” is he wanted to push looked so strange, with a rain effect that also failed to appear dramatic.

The good news? Not all sides of this visual presentation are downright bad. At least on several tracks, he managed to present a quality that was quite feast for the eye. You can see various iconic landmarks that look majestic in the background, with dramatic lighting effects that sometimes accompany depending on the time of the race itself. The quality of detail for cars from various brands that are carried also deserves to be appreciated. But when combined with what happened before, the impression that emerges actually feels like an inconsistency, at least for the Playstation 4 version, especially on the Pro machine we tested. Unfortunately, we don’t have any definite knowledge whether the same problem occurs in the PC version or not.

Meanwhile, from the audio side, there is nothing to worry about it seems. While we are not automotive enthusiasts ourselves who might be able to tell a car apart from the sound of the engine alone, it is clear that the extra attention to getting you to hear and enjoy the roar differs depending on which car you are using – of which there are quite a number of variations available in the series. these three. Accompanying music that accompanies you on menus and the like, is also enough to build the adrenaline you need to get going as fast as you can.

One of the new features that Project CARS 3 offers is customization. That now with so many options available, you can buy the car you want and then the presentation side that it stretches. You can change paint, add decals, change plates, and add sponsor stickers on the various sides you want. The customization is not as “crazy as” street racing games like Need for Speed, but at least it offers enough options for mixing cars that represent the personality you want.

So in terms of presentation, what Project CARS 3 has to offer is quite solid. But with a few complaints worth talking about, there are a few sub-par that they hope to improve via future patches. He made the Playstation 4 version, even via the Pro version we tried, just managed to fulfill the role it should and failed to really look like a special AAA game.

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