Gran Turismo 7 Out on PlayStation 5

With the presence of the Next Gen Console, games that have a series are likely to have their latest series, such as The Last Of Us 2, then in the racing game on PS 4 we get Gran Turismo Sport. Previously, our expectations were for sure at that time, namely the emergence of Gran Turismo 7, but at the Console Gen now we only get the Gran Turismo Sport Series which is arguably not a continuation of the previous Gran Turismo series, on the previous generation on the PS3 we got Gran Turismo 6 and 5. Now The latest rumors arise from the presence of a logo from a gaming peripherals brand, namely Next Level Racing.

This time a rumor emerged about the existence of the Gran Turismo Series. Next, through Instagram a gaming peripheral brand called Next Level Racing, they posted a photo with an F1 car in front of it and in front of it are several logos of racing games that we know, such as Automobilista. 2, then F1 2020, and Dirt 5. There is a logo that is quite familiar to Gran Turismo players, namely the emergence of a Gran Turismo 7 logo.But keep in mind that Polyphony digital has not yet officially released the latest Gran Turismo Logo on the Internet, so is this? indeed it was made on purpose by the Next level gaming team, or Next level Gaming already got it before.

Next Level Racing is one of the brands that makes car and airplane simulators very well known, one of their customers is also one of them from Playstation, Microsoft, then car brands such as Toyota, Ford, Holden and others.

But at the time this article was written, the post was immediately deleted by them and Next Level Gaming immediately gave clarification about the rumors on May 21, 2020 through Next Level Racing Social Media, they explained that they had no information about the presence of the latest Gran Turismo series, They explained that the Logo was a Logo Mockup designed by their design team.

Meanwhile Gran Turismo 7 is arguably one of the many games that stole the attention of gamers at the PlayStation 5 The Future of Gaming some time ago. A significant visual overhaul compared to its predecessor series, especially in terms of light reflections and shadows thanks to its ray tracing technology, makes it appear so stunning even though it is only shown for a few minutes.

Not only that, Polyphony Digital as the developer is also reportedly going to maximize all the potential and technology of the PlayStation 5 in order to make this game appear much more immersive than before. This information was conveyed directly by Simon Rutter as EVP of PlayStation Europe in his interview with The Guardian.

“Gran Turismo 7 will benefit from all the technological improvements that the PlayStation 5. has on the market. The loading process is almost nonexistent and remote compared to before.

When sitting in the cockpit, 3D audio technology makes you hear the roar of the Ferrari sound both behind and in front of your playing position, and you will notice the difference between the sound and the Maserati engine sound.

When driving using the DualSense controller, you will feel a difference in the sensation of vibration in your hands according to the race track. Thanks to adaptive triggering, pressing the accelerator gently feels very different from pressing the brake pedal which feels stiff. “

All these advantages are what make Gran Turismo 7 ready for a much more immersive experience than its predecessor. Until now, Gran Turismo 7 still doesn’t have a release date at all, what is certain is that this game is exclusive only to the PlayStation 5.

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