6 Best Casual Racing Games For PC User

The racing game may indeed have been dimming over the last few years, the stretch of Gran Turismo Sport which was spectacular two years ago was deemed unable to revive its golden age. Although it is quite different from ordinary racing games, power-up racing games have also been affected by the decline in trend.

With the announcement of the release of Team Sonic Racing in two months and well-known titles like Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled one month later, it is hoped that the power-up racing games and racing games in general will again get the attention of fans, especially millennial gamers.

However, before the two games were released and considering that the giant Crash Team Racing would only be released on the console first, PC gamers certainly needed another alternative that was quite similar to it. One of them is the following six games.

Disclaimer: All the games we have listed are games that you can still buy at the time of this writing via Steam. We do not include other games that are no longer officially circulating in this article.

1. Break Arts 2

Racing using motorbikes, cars, karts, planes, bicycles, skis, and jet-boats is a very common thing in some racing games, but not for Break Arts 2. This game features robot racing with a futuristic Wipeout-style nuance. Yes, you read that right, robot. You can customize your robot, install weapons, and do races like any other racing game. You can “crush” your opponents with cannons and missiles while fighting to get to the top of the chain. If you like robots, then this game is the game for you.

2. F1 Race Stars

Adapting the same circuits and racers as Formula 1 jet land racing, F1 Race Stars is designed for casual gamers who just want to have fun without having to think about car tuning. Comes with a cartoonist visual appearance, this game will give you the opportunity to play Lewis Hamilton and other racers to get the champion position while taking down your opponents with the power-ups provided.

3. Grip: Combat Racing

The nickname “High octane hardcore combat racer”, which is what it is based on, doesn’t seem like mere frills. Because Grip: Combat Racing has a lot to represent it. Not only racing at high speed by destroying your opponent using power-ups, your car can stick to the roof of the track without having to flip your car. It also presents parkour and arena modes that seem to take you to play games like Twisted Metal which only need to destroy your enemies in one arena. You can also customize your car in the single-player campaign mode by installing weapons and other modifications.

4. Obliteracers

Play local multiplayer races with up to four players only? Obliteracers give more, how much? 16 player. Just like other power-up racing games, this game will feature colorful maps and power-ups that appear all over the circuit. Uniquely, it will support multiple controllers, from joysticks, keyboards, to smartphones. But keep in mind, the multiplayer heavy game will give you regret if you don’t have friends.

5. Split / Second

If the power-up racing game in general will provide gacha power-ups in the middle of the track which will provide you with weapons such as missiles to shields, then Split / Second does it differently. This game made by Black Rock Studio at first glance looks like an ordinary racing game, but it has power-ups installed on each track. It allows you to destroy several parts of the track such as towers to bring the plane down to slow down your opponents.

6. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection

Have you ever played HotWheels Extreme Racing on the PlayStation 1 which was later adapted by Grand Theft Auto V Online with its Transform Racing mode? If so, then Rockstar seems out of date because this mode has been applied first by Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection. Just like HotWheels, your vehicle will change from cars, planes, to jet-boats with their respective power-ups throughout the race. Not only Sonic the game will present dozens of characters from the SEGA franchise, such as Crazy Taxi to Shinobi. Each character has a special power-up called All-Stars which only they can use. Different from the console version, the PC version of the game will feature three exclusive characters such as Tactician from Football Manager, several Team Fortress 2 characters (representing Valve and Steam), and Shogun Total War.

Those are six PC racing games like Crash Team Racing that you can play right now. I think apart from Obliteracers, you can play all the games above alone against bots. What do you think? Have you ever played one of these? Or maybe you have other recommendations? As usual, please list via comments.

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