Osmo MindRacers, Entertaining Classic Racing Game

What happens when the Mario Kart racing game concept is mated with augmented reality and Hot Wheels? The answer is Osmo MindRacers, a hybrid game system that combines the excitement of video games and interactions with physical objects nicely.

Osmo developers work directly with Mattel as the Hot Wheels brand licensee to realize this unique concept. MindRacers actually uses the same system as in the Osmo Pizza Co. simulation game, which involves a small mirror mounted on the top of the iPad so that the front camera can see objects in front of it.

The iPad sits on a platform that connects a pair of tracks, indicating that the game is designed for two people – although there is still a single player mode. To start, each player can choose one of the six choices of Hot Wheels cars available, then put it at the end of the track earlier.

After the countdown, each player can press the button to release the champion car. The two cars will then drive and enter under the iPad, and the game will continue in digital form on the iPad screen.

This is where the excitement of MindRacers begins. While the two Hot Wheels cars are racing, the player can throw a kind of cardboard disk into the platform on the front of the iPad. Instantly, the iPad camera will recognize the existence of the dish and translate it into input in the game.

The input can vary depending on the type of dish being thrown: it can increase the speed of the car, it can also slow down the opponent’s car. In total there are 32 dishes that can be used, and Osmo’s system can recognize everything well.

Like Osmo Pizza Co., MindRacers is able to provide a balanced portion of physical and digital interactions. The hope, this unique concept can attract the attention of the latest generation of children who prefer video games over board games or other traditional games.

But at the same time, the popularity of Hot Wheels can also attract the attention of adult consumers whose childhoods are colored by the joy of playing these cars. Hot Wheels, as we know, will step on their 50th year next year.

Osmo MindRacers is currently marketed for $ 88 for the complete package that includes Osmo iPad Base, platform plus track, 6 Hot Wheels cars and 32 dishes earlier. For those who previously had Osmo iPad Base, MindRacers can be purchased for only $ 59.

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