Real Racing 3 : Tips and Trick

I’m sure since yesterday, Real Racing 3 has become a game that you always play on your device. Once the door of the App Store and also Google Play is opened for this one game, you must be curious to immediately try how the quality of the existing graphics, gameplay and so on.

But because this game is Freemium, you might receive a lump to keep playing and start thinking “Should I just buy an IAP so I can continue playing?”. There is no harm in buying an IAP to make you speed in your Real Racing career 3. But I have a few tips that can make you not need to buy too much IAP.

1. Speed ​​vs Acceleration

In the world of racing, speed is different from acceleration. Cars that have a lower top speed may not necessarily be able to beat a car with a higher top speed. Acceleration is one of the keys to beating cars that have top speed or higher speeds.

When you are presented with a choice of Nissan Silvia or Ford Focus for the first time, your eyes must immediately compare the two cars. Most of us, including me, don’t think further and make the decision to buy the car with the highest top speed. That is not wrong. But you should note that most Tracks in Real Racing are full of sharp turns that require better acceleration to win.

Besides that, there are also many races that rely on acceleration in the beginning to win it like Head to Head, or also Drag Race. So it is wise to choose a car. Remember top speed is not everything.

2. Keep playing

Right, car damage will affect the status of your car. Top Speed ​​will be reduced, the acceleration will not be as fast as the original, or brakes that are not soccer normally. But fixing the car will stop you from playing and you won’t get money.

Real Racing 3 is all about grinding! So keep playing even though your car is damaged and your goal is to raise money to buy the next car right? No matter how many finishes you finish, but the point is that every time you touch the finish means there is a certain amount of money you will get and also XP to increase the player’s status which results in the addition of gold coins.

3. Drive Like a Pro

One of the keys to successfully winning races in Real Racing 3 is your ability to overtake corners. This requires good driving techniques and skills. Break assist mounted in High mode is comfortable so that you don’t have to worry about stepping on the brakes and focus only on directing the car.

But these circumstances can not make you win over a career. Lower Break Assist and drive like a real racer. Since most tracks in RR3 are full of turns, you should be able to take this opportunity. You do this by not making the car too slow at the turn.

I myself use Break Assist with a Low setting and have to keep stepping on the brakes manually. But this way my car will be faster at the turns and can catch up with other cars. After being in position 1 and the opponent lags far enough, I only change Break Assist to High if I am lazy to maneuver with my hands.

4. Hunter Discount

Real Racing 3 will sometimes offer discounts for car purchases. Prepare yourself by saving like point number 3. In 1 racing tier you are usually provided with 4 different types of cars. For example, the lowest tier, your choice falls on the Nissan Silvia, Ford Focus, Dodge Challenger R / T, and BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

Of course you want to buy a better car and good news, when you rarely win a race in the top position (1st, 2nd, 3rd), then random games will offer better car purchases at discounted prices.

For my case, after deciding to buy a Ford Focus after a while I was offered a Dodge Challenger R / T at a 50% discount at that time and was not valid later. Because I didn’t prepare it, the opportunity just disappeared.

5. Upgrade as necessary

Upgrading a car does not cost that cheap. Imagine you have 5 cars. How much will it cost to upgrade all cars to the latest status? Certainly takes a lot of money which is actually enough to buy a new car.

Tips from me investing the maximum upgrade for the best car. But if you feel frustrated that you can’t win races continuously, you can use money from this mod (source).

6. Extend Intercourse

With the Time Shifted Multiplayer feature, you can play against friends from both Game Center and Facebook. Interestingly, every time you beat your friend you will get a bonus amount of money varies.

The more friends you can defeat in one race event, the money will increase will be very helpful. For my case, I was able to win a competition of 7 opponents where all the opponents were friends from Game Center. I won first place and got around R $ 2000 + a bonus that beat 7 friends around R $ 2000 too! Not bad right?

7. Rest Yourself & Car

Playing continuously is indeed not the main goal of Real Racing 3. The car you use also needs to be rested just like yourself. So when you want to sleep, start the car service process. Tomorrow morning when you wake up, all the cars are ready to race again. The bottom line: change the pattern of playing Real Racing near the bedtime and use your sleep time for service so it doesn’t feel long to wait.

Hopefully these tips can be useful for you to play Real Racing 3 without having to buy too much IAP. If there are additional tips from your experience, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments column. See you at the racing area!

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