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Racing games for lovers are not just smooth graphics and sounds with a high level of clarity. Well we agree that those two things help a lot to improve people’s ratings of the game. But, maybe you also, the racing game for us is how the game can give players the experience as if they were actually sitting in the driver’s seat with the most realistic control possible.

We have summarized some of the most realistic car racing games in 2017 that you can try installing on your laptop or PC. The conditions? Of course your laptop or PC spec must be qualified! Or you can easily buy a console that is now sold at a price that is probably much cheaper than the smart phone you have.

1. Dirt Rally

This game is the younger brother of Codemasters Dirt 3 which is claimed to be one of the most successful car racing games made by Codemasters. Dirt 3 is made with a very realistic handling model where the players can play rally car racing games “real”. Codemasters incorporate many aspects of car racing in this game.

You don’t just control your car through off-road roads and through bumpy tracks, but you are required to be able to manage the strategy and management of the team so that you can win various racing series.

In addition, after some time out, many moders out there offer many modifications and offer downloadable content so that they can fix bugs that exist in this game.

All aspects in this game in our opinion deserve to be given a 5 star, from the graphics to the weather and the content offered is indeed worth giving a 5 star. For us this game is a must try for those of you who are big fans of rally racing.

2. Shift 2 Unleashed

This game offers a thrilling experience for you lovers of racing games. Still the same as the previous game, this game offers very wild handling and “complicate” players.

Martin Robinson who is an IGN journalist even said that this game is more suitable to be called a horror survival game than a car racing simulator. Funny huh?

Armed with qualified graphics and crystal clear sound quality, if you change the look into the driver’s eye view, we guarantee that you will come to feel amazing pulse. Especially if you have a high-speed accident, to us it all looks realistic and thrilling.

Only one drawback of this game, loading time is quite long! But for us it is not comparable to this whole game, and we are sure you will not be disappointed playing this game.

3. Project CARS 2

In addition to Dirt, Project CARS in our opinion is also the sequel to the best car racing game ever with improvements here and there so we add to this list. Handling in this game in our opinion, ultrarealistic! With a choice of tracks that are far more than before, and a choice of cars that are also more than before.

If it’s still not enough, we also want to say to you that the sound quality that this game has is the best among other racing games. In addition you are also given a choice of many game modes in this game compared to previous games.

One thing that we think is most memorable from this game is the weather system combined with high-level graphics, we dare say that Project CARS 2 is the best car racing game that you can try to play.

4. Forza Horizon 3

This game is intentionally created for you “the destroyer” who enjoys traveling in the open world while rioting and destroying as much as possible. This game is suitable for those of you who might be easily bored and very happy to explore something, and not suitable for those of you who want to play car racing games while fantasizing about becoming a racer.

You are given a choice of 350 ready-made cars with a lot of possibilities for modification, even you are given the freedom to determine the tire pressure of your car! Furthermore, Forza Horizon 3 gives you an incredible choice of cities and races in the open world, with the setting this time being in Australia.

For those of you who have played the sequel to this car racing game before, we say that this game has a map area 2 times bigger than before. Final word from us, no rules! Drive and smash everything!

5. Driver: San Francisco

This game is one of the arcade car racing games that we think is able to compete with Forza Horizon 3. This game once again, similar to Forza Horizon 3, is perfect for those of you who have a desire for exploration and not suitable for those of you who want a car racing experience.

Driver: San Francisco gives you choices of various kinds of cars from time to time. It’s just that for us this game gives the impression of American looks, with its American muscle that has a distinctive engine sound accompanied by the squeaking of tires that you can then drive through the winding streets of San Francisco.

The uniqueness of this game is that you can “swapping” ie change one car to another in the middle of the road freely. It is even possible that you will finish the race not with the car you first used. In our opinion, this uniqueness is something you should also try because you won’t find this experience in other racing games.

6. F1 2016

From the name we are sure you can guess, who are the people who are suitable to play this game. Of course this game is very suitable to be played for those of you who love the world of F1. Codemasters can take up to 3 years to complete all matters (including licenses) and bring the world of land jet racing into the game.

This game can be juxtaposed with Project CARS 2 and Dirt Rally in terms of the game. Aside from racing ability, you also have to fight hard so that it doesn’t go down throughout your career.

The advantages of this game are virtual and actual safety cars, weather effects which in our opinion can be compared with Project CARS 2, as well as many other small details. Small details even down to the customizable helmet. In our opinion this car racing game is a must buy for those of you fans of F1 and want to try the experience of racing in the style of F1 racers.

7. Assetto Corsa

One more game with very realistic handling, combined with physical games that are almost like the real world, we think that this game is one of the best car racing games as well. It’s just that for some reviewers, this game is not too bright. Because at the time of release, Codemasters F1 2016 was also released and immediately became a trend.

Some other things that this game lacks are career modes that are too bland and not many things that make you still want to play against AI to continue your career. The number of cars presented was not as much as other games.

In addition, Asetto Corsa also has no choice of night racing, weather effects, narrow track options, and no pit stop engineer communication, we don’t really recommend this game. But we still put it as one of the most realistic this year.

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