Impact of Covid-19, F1 Switch the Competition to Sim Racing

Later the case of the corona virus pandemic did indeed have a very strong impact on the economy in general, including the esports ecosystem. One of the highlights in esports is that many LAN tournaments are canceled or postponed for health reasons. Some forced titles were affected such as, OGA Dota Pit, PBWC 2020, IEM Katowice, even including the Final Hybrid Cup Series – Play on PC: Rainbow Six Siege.

But interestingly, the ability of esports to compete online instead becomes an attractive alternative to traditional sports. One who did this was Formula 1 racing, which eventually replaced their racing title with the Sim Racing tournament.

For this reason, there are two Sim Racing racing tournaments organized for this. Quoting from the F1 Esports page, there is “Not the AUS GP” organized by Veloce Esports, and one of them is The Race All-Star Esports Battle which also matches professional Formula 1 racers with professional virtual racers.

The competition was followed by big names in the realm of Formula 1 racing, such as Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing-Honda racer, Lando Norris McLaren-Renault racer, or Stoffel Vandoorne Formula E racer from the Mercedes-Benz EQ team, even including former Formula 1 racer Juan Pablo Montoya.

Previously, the Formula 1 Australia GP race should have been held on 15 March 2020 yesterday. However, due to the danger of the corona virus pandemic, the race had to be postponed and replaced with a virtual race. Held on the same day, the title of The Race All-Star Esports Battle ultimately remained dominated by professional Sim Racers.

Max Verstappen himself failed to get maximum results even though he had gotten the first position after qualifying. The Formula 1 racer had to resign himself to being caught in the turmoil of the first bend of the Nurburgring track, which made his car twisted and forced himself tossed into position 16.

Meanwhile, the front position is controlled by professional Sim Racers. In the end, Jernej Simoncic who is a professional Sim Racer won the All-Star Esports Battle and won a prize of US $ 4000. Jernej Simoncic is indeed a leader in Sim Racing, especially in the arena of Formula Sim Racing. Last year, he was the champion of the 2019 Formula Sim Racing World Championship.

“I am honored to be part of the biggest Sim Racing competition in history. I know I have a good chance with my experience in the world of Sim Racer, but being the first to be with the drivers really feels like a dream come true. ” he said in the release of The Race.

It is interesting to see how esports can be an alternative to traditional sports. Especially in reality, Sim Racing can be regarded as one of the esports games that have the closest game mechanism to the real version, which makes it easily adaptable even by Formula 1 racers.

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