Millennial Esports Build a Race Course in Miami

Millennial Esports will create an esports racecourse called Allinsports Arena in Miami. They prepared US $ 2.8 million for construction costs from the 12 thousand square foot arena. They will also provide 30 racing simulators that can be used together or individually. CEO of Millennial Esports, Darren Cox said, the reason they made an esports race in Miami was because Miami residents were known to have high enthusiasm for cars. “Miami residents are known to be very enthusiastic about cars,” Cox told VentureBeat. “We are in the middle of two major industries, esports and gaming.” Going forward, they plan to build other esports races throughout the world.

One way to Millennial Esports to get income from Allinsports Arena is to hold an esports competition in the arena. They will also use the arena to train racers, both racers in the real world and virtual racers. Prior to this, Cox and Millennial Esports had held World’s Fastest Gamers, a racing simulation competition that entered its second season this year. The winner of this competition will get prizes with a value of more than US $ 1 million.

“We invite children who have never driven a race car before. They learned to drive with a racing simulator, “said Cox. “Then, we let them drive real race cars. This year, we are using an Aston Martin race car. “

In addition to holding a racing competition, Cox has also thought of various ways to monetize the Allinsports Arena, from procuring racing simulators to making games that can be played for free. Do not stop there, Allinsports will also provide analytic data services through the Stream Hatchet division. Cox had discussed the purpose of building this racing simulation arena, which is to attract the attention of racing game enthusiasts, starting from when they only play racing games at home until they use a simulator so they can become racers in the real world. F1 racers Juan Pablo Montoya and Rubens Barrichello become investors and advisors to Millennial Esports.

“Our racing simulation venue in Miami is always full,” Cox said. “An arena like this can make a lot of money. Our vision is to make more similar arenas throughout the world connected to one another. You can pay US $ 25 to try a Ferrari car simulator. Then, if your performance is really good, maybe you should try to become a real racer. “

Aside from being the CEO of Millennial Esports, Cox is also the founder of the Nissan GT Academy. Through this program, Cox tries to train Grand Turismo players to become real racers. Now, through World’s Fastest Gamers, Cox is trying to do the same thing. “You can become a virtual racer, but you can also become a racer in the real world,” Cox said. “Everything we do is part of the esports platform.”

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