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Ever heard or played the Mario Kart Tour game? This latest free Android game is a series from the legendary game, Mario Kart. The first Mario Kart series itself was released in 1992. And for 27 years, Nintendo has spawned many other Mario Kart series. No wonder this game is popular in various circles, both for children today and 90s children who are now growing up.

Mario Kart Tour was released by Nintendo on September 24, 2019. The game, which has now been downloaded more than 10 million times, has the same concept as the previous series. Where the players race online using cute and adorable characters in the Mario series.

Of course there are specific reasons why Nintendo finally designed one of its popular games to the mobile version. The main goal is certainly to expand the target market. Given the number of smartphone users is far greater than the Nintendo console users themselves. With the mobile version, it is hoped that more people will play the Mario Kart game. Before you download it, let’s check out our review of one of the best racing games, Mario Kart Tour.

Although the number of downloads is fairly large, but in fact this game can not be separated from the scathing criticism of the gamers. One of them is Mario Kart Tour does not provide a login using a Google account or social media account, but must log in using a Nintendo account. This is certainly very complicated, considering that there are many players out there who don’t have a Nintendo account and are forced to register first before they can play it.

When it comes to matters of graphics, this game has a fairly standard visual. Maybe for some people, the Mario Kart Tour graphics are cool, but for gamers who are accustomed to playing games with stunning graphics quality, this game will feel normal. And unfortunately, there is no option to choose medium or high graphics.

In terms of the gameplay itself, Mario Kart Tour is fairly simple and easy to play. No need to turn your brain like a strategy game, you only need to play your fingers to direct the character to win the game. The tracks available on this Nintendo game are also fairly diverse and have different themes and levels of difficulty. But for some people who are unfamiliar with racing games, will find it difficult to control the character, especially when turning.

There are four control methods that you can use. Namely Manual Drift, Smart Steering, Auto-Item, and Gyro Handling. So you can adjust which control method suits your racing style. Unfortunately for the manual method, Mario Kart Tour game controls still feel stiff to be moved. It might take quite a long time for practice to get used to moving the character, especially when it bends.

Besides the control method, there are four modes or levels to choose from. Starting from 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, up to 200cc. Maybe this mode is the same as the term level easy, medium, hard, and so on. But to unlock a 200cc level, you have to pay $ 4.99. Quite expensive just to open a level game.

The goal of the race game is certainly to be number one on the finish line. But with the gameplay a little stiff for new players, it’s not easy to be able to win this one race game. Therefore, we will provide some tips and tricks on how to win races in the Mario Kart Tour game. In the Mario Kart Tour game, there are several racing techniques that you can use.

  • Rocket Start: Increase speed when starting. This technique requires accuracy in holding and releasing the screen. To do this technique, you must tap and hold your finger until the count of two. When the word “GO” appears, release your finger from the screen.
  • Drifting: Make the speed stable at the bend. You do this by holding the screen and sliding the screen in the direction so as not to lose speed.
  • Jump Boost: Make a jump by directing the driver to the incline.
  • Slipstream: Helps give speed when behind an enemy. This technique will appear by itself when you are behind your opponent for 2-3 seconds.
  • Use items: Utilize weapons obtained from the box. Each weapon has different functions and uses. So use these weapons as much as possible to seize the leading position.
  • Character selection: Each character has different skills in the racing arena. So choose a character that suits your playing style.

Whether or not this Mario Kart Tour game depends on your purpose in playing it. If it’s just for entertainment only without more obsession, then this game is very appropriate to be played because it will be very entertaining in the free time. However, if you expect a perfect offline car racing game from all aspects, then it is recommended to choose other racing games such as NFS or Asphalt.

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