Our Special Review for MadOut

Have you ever watched the film Death race? The film, starring the hero of action film Jason Statham, tells the story of prisoners who participated in the bloody speeding action to gain freedom. They were deployed in the modern gladiatorial arena using cars modified with various lethal weapons. Like that’s about the thrill of the death race in the action of racing the death of a solid class with a game console.

Developers do not play games when mentioning that the latest iOS devices are needed to run a speeding action here. Your device is required to support OpenGL ES 3.0 (which is iPhone 5s, iPad mini retina, iPad Air or newer devices) or you will only get a blank screen like I experienced when trying it on iPhone 5. The graphic display that is presented can be compared to the look of a top racing game on today’s consoles. Visualization of the car and the track really spoil your eyes when playing it.

Car race track is made with great detail. You will be invited to cross the desert, industrial areas, dead cities, to the city center with buildings on the left and right side of the track. Background variations are still added to the various objects on the track that you can hit. No need to hesitate to hit the road divider, park chairs, until the fence along the track, because destruction is indeed the theme of this game (other than racing of course).

MadOut provides more than 50 different tracks for you to conquer. The race is held at different times with their respective challenges. You will feel limited visibility when racing at night, or the blinding sunshine in the afternoon race.

The sparkle of your car can be enjoyed from all sides in garage mode. When used for racing, you will see that the car’s sleek fade slowly replaced by stains and other damage due to bullets or missiles that hit you. Bullet holes in the body of the car, bumper that almost dislodged, or the hood of the car that is almost certain to decorate the car after going through fierce races with rivals.

During the race, you can take a variety of power-ups that are useful for destroying opponents or protecting yourself. The weapons available consist of machine guns, tracking missiles and land mines. In addition you can also get a turbo boost, temporary shield or extra health to refill the car’s thinning HP after being bombarded by gunpowder by the enemy. Your car will explode when the car’s HP runs out. But do not worry, the car will respawn again near the location of its destruction, even if it means losing a few seconds and most likely overtaken by the enemy.

Want to revenge the enemy? You can buy upgrades in garage mode to suspend your car. This upgrade is to increase the capacity and effectiveness of weapons and turbo boost in the car, so your chances of winning races are also greater. There is also an option to buy 12 other cars of various types such as classic sedans, SUVs, jeeps, vans, or sports cars.

Of course the purchase requires a fee. Money in this game can be obtained by occupying the top three positions in each race. Destroying enemies on the track will also provide additional money that you will get when the race is over. Be careful not to be a lunatic, because if your car explodes, the amount of money earned at the end of the race will also be reduced!

I really enjoyed MadOut. In my opinion, this game has the potential to be one of the best games in 2014. To achieve that, there are still many things that need to be improved by the developer to be aligned with a row of other quality games. There are at least three things in this game that make me bite my fingers to play it in addition to the interface that still needs to be polished and English is less common. These three things are car control, graphics performance, and the ability to save game progress.

The car controls on MadOut only rely on virtual buttons on the game screen. There is no option to drive the car by tilting utilizing gyroscope sensors that are embedded in the device. This is quite annoying because the finger to control the car on the screen will cover the display image,

The second thing that becomes the weakness of the game is the inconsistent graphic frame rate performance. I often experience a decrease in frame rate when three or more cars are jostling for position, or a missile blast occurs and the enemy car is destroyed near the position of my car. Frame rate instability also impacts on the difficulty of controlling the car because the controls become less responsive when the game engine is trying to process complex graphics.

The last point that makes me scratch my head is the inability of this game to save game progress. I have spent more than an hour to reach the second tier of the race. When I want to continue tomorrow, instead I find there is no save file for all my efforts yesterday. I was forced to repeat from the start with a car and default money at the start of the game! It seems that I’m not the only person who experienced this because I also found a thread on the internet from people who have the same fate as me.

I think MadOut is a diamond that hasn’t been sharpened. There are still many rough corners that need to be crushed so that MadOut can be fully enjoyed. But the good news, that price is the only cost you have to pay to enjoy the action-packed race here. There is no advertisement or IAP in it that will bother you.

For those of you who want to immediately play it, I suggest that you wait until the next updated version. The developer promised to bring improvements and improvement in the quality of gameplay in the near future based on the confirmation I received. Let’s hope that the revised version of ModOut will be released on the App Store soon, so that MadOut can be placed where it belongs among other high-end games.

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