Sony Will Close the Driveclub Server

In 2014, Evolution Studios with Sony Computer Entertainment released a racing game called Driveclub. Unfortunately, this game gets quite a variety of ratings. Even though they didn’t get a perfect score, this game sold two million copies until July 2015. This achievement made this game one of the best-selling PS 4 games.

Even though it sold well, it seems that the fans’ disappointment made this game not last much longer. Through the official website, PlayStation announced that they will close servers for Driveclub, Driveclub VR, and Driveclub Bikes. Take it easy, the server closing is not done in the near future. The plan, this game server will be closed on March 31, 2020.

Before it closes on March 31, 2020, Sony will first stop selling this game on August 31, 2019. In addition to the game, Sony will also stop selling add-on content for this game on that date. When Sony closes the Driveclub server, you can only play this game in offline single player mode.

The closure of this game server aims to prevent players from competing in multiplayer races, including events and tournaments. You also won’t be able to compete with other players to be the leader on the leaderboard. In addition, Season Pass will also not be used. Whatever relates to online mode, it won’t work after the server is closed.

Actually, Sony’s decision to close the game server is not surprising. In 2016, Sony closed Evolution Studios, which developed this game. Especially when released, fans found many flaws in the game. With these facts, it seems difficult for Sony to maintain the continuity of this game.

Are you one of the Driveclub players? What do you think about the fate of this game? Don’t forget to keep watching our website to get various exciting updates about other games.

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