Need for Speed Payback – The Story

Need for Speed, which gamers have never heard the name of this racing franchise. Since the beginning of its existence on several generations of platforms ago, it has always been known as an arcade racing game with a strong appeal. That unlike a simulation game that tries to represent the real driving sensation, Need for Speed ​​actually tries to offer a super simple control scheme to leave a strong impression that you are the one who has full control over the super fast car that is on your television screen. The peak of its popularity itself occurred when the Underground series was released in two series, offering the sensation of street racing, cool music, and super cool car customization. Admittedly, its popularity has declined from year to year.

It seems like most of you already “understand” the approach as to what EA and Ghost Games would offer with this Need for Speed ​​Payback series. That’s right, following popular formulas such as Fast and Furious, which starts to feel like a superhero movie driving in a car, this Hollywood-style action approach is the basis for Payback.

But this story is no longer told from the standpoint of just one character, but four characters who are joined in the same crew. Three of the four crew you can control as Playable characters. There are Tyler, Mac, and Jess who are experts behind the wheel, and also Rav – a technician with extraordinary abilities who is able to “juggle” any car into a work of super high speed. All three have been incorporated into the same crew from the beginning, committing crimes to get extra money. But unfortunately, one of their last jobs ended up backfiring. They were betrayed.

The work that was supposed to be easy ended in disaster after one of the contacts they trusted – Lina Navarro betrayed them. No kidding, Lina apparently worked under a boss of a criminal organization better known as “The House”. With their massive power and money, The House has ambitions to control all the underground businesses that occur in Fortune Valley, from casinos to street racing that do play significant amounts of money there. Seeing Tyler, Mac, and Jess as threats, Lina tried to silence them, threatening the lives of the three. A step that was welcomed with stronger resistance, especially considering one of the other bosses who did not want The House to power called “The Gambler” to support the actions of Tyler’s team.

Then, can Tyler, Mac, and Jess be able to stop The House’s ambitions? What kind of race do they have to go through to defeat Lina? Who are the parties involved in The House’s action? All answers to questions you can get by playing this Need for Speed ​​Payback.

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