Driving Differences Between Games and Real World

A British study called CensusWide concluded that racing games affect driving habits on the road. Based on a survey of 1,250 people, it was stated that the game can increase driver reflexes when facing dangerous conditions.

However, 26 percent of the total interviewees did more traffic violations and accidents than those who rarely or never played racing games. Responding to this, researchers stated that to drive in the real world, the conditions were very different.

Then the frequency of playing racing games does not determine the skills of driving a motorcycle or car on the road. “Driving a motorbike or a car is not just a matter of skill, but a mindset and empathy. Maybe playing racing games can slightly add to your basic driving abilities, but that doesn’t mean you have ‘graduated’ to be able to drive on public roads,” he said.

In the game, he continued, it only honed the basic driving skills and that was important enough to get a driving license loaded. However, there is no teaching about driving habits on the road.

“The basic ability of driving is mandatory to get a driving license. But the maturation of driving is also important, related to safety and defensive driving. That is one of the reasons driving licenses have an age limit, related to the maturity of attitude,”.

“Remember, driving in the game with the real world is different where it is more complex. People who are skilled at driving in the game do not mean it is definitely great when bringing a car or motorcycle in public places,” said the expert.

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